Association of the Riou-x Families of America

Our ancestor, Jean Riou

Jean Riou was baptized on March 20, 1652, in the church of Ploujean, a small village in Finistère now part of the "commune" of Morlaix, France. The act indicates that he was baptized under the surname of «Rochiou» and that his father's first name was Jean and his mother's name was Marguerite Gueguen. His grandparents were Jean Kerochiou and Jeannette Le Ferec. In Breton, the name «Kerochiou» means «village of rocks».

When he was aged about 20, he quits Ploujean to come to New France, more precisely to Saint-François, on Île d'Orléans. On January 10, 1678, he marries Catherine Leblond in Sainte-Famille. She was 13 years-old, and the daughter of Nicolas Leblond and Marguerite Leclerc. They settle in the parish of Saint-François. Jean farms the land and he also does a little fishing.

On March 15, 1696, he becomes the first residing «seigneur» of Trois-Pistoles, having exchanged one of his farm lands to Charles Denys de Vitré for the titles to the «seigneurie». In 1697, he settles there with his family, farms the land, and concedes lots to other colonists.

He lives in Trois-Pistoles for at least twelve years. His wife Catherine dies in 1758, leaving behind a family of eight children and a «seigneurie» which has the unique characteristic in Québec's history of having been transmitted without interruption within the same family.

A monument to the memory of our Ancestor, Jean Riou, and his wife, Catherine Leblond, stands on Place Jean-Riou in Trois-Pistoles since August 1997, commemorating the 300th anniversary of his arrival.


Jean Riou
Born on 20 March 1652 in Ploujean, Bretagne (France)
Baptized on the same day and at the same place
Died in August 1710
Buried on 13 August 1710 in Trois-Pistoles (Québec)

Married Catherine Leblond
Born on 4 August 1664 in Sainte-Famille, Île d'Orléans (Québec)
Baptized on 27 August 1664 in Château-Richer (Québec)
Died on 1 December 1758 in Trois-Pistoles (Québec)
Buried on 2 December 1758 in Trois-Pistoles (Québec)

Marriage took place on 10 January 1678 in Sainte-Famille, Île d'Orléans

Children :

Nicolas Rioux
Born ca 1680
Died in 1756
Buried on 6 January 1756
Married Louise Asselin on 13 August 1710 in Sainte-Famille
11 children

Antoine Rioux
Born on 6 March 1683 in Saint-François
Died on 15 March 1683 in Sainte-Famille

Jean Rioux
Born on 26 February 1684 in Saint-François
Died before 1723 in Trois-Pistoles

Jean-Baptiste Rioux
Born on 10 July 1687 in Saint-François
Buried on 1 June 1690 in Sainte-Famille

Vincent Rioux
Born on 14 February 1690 in Sainte-Famille
Married Catherine Côté on 20 August 1731 in Rimouski
11 children

Catherine Rioux
Born on 8 October 1693 in Saint-François
Died before 1723 in Trois-Pistoles

Pierre Rioux
Born on 24 December 1694 in Saint-François
Died ca 1757

Madeleine Rioux
Born ca 1698
Buried on 13 October 1744 in Québec