Association of the Riou-x Families of America

Genealogy of the Riou-x Families


Genealogical data form

You will find, below, a link to a genealogical data form. This form has been developed to constitute a tool for adding to the genealogical data of the Riou-x families.

The form will allow any Riou-x or Riou-x descendant to submit to the Association genealogical data on his/her family and immediate ancestors. This information will in turn allow the Association to revise, add to or make corrections to the data already in the database.

We invite all the Riou-x to fill out the form and send it to the Association, to give us information on their family, their parents and grandparents, whether of canadian origin or being from other countries. Even if the Association's wish is that the submitted data be as complete as possible, it must be understood that each person who fills out the form can choose what is the information that he/she wants to share. We want to point out to you that in the event where the available space on the form is insufficient, you can always add supplementary sheets.

With the inclusion of the genealogical data of the Riou-x families into a computerized database, updating the data will from now on be a continuous process and will greatly facilitate our research for our ancestors. Thanks to all for your collaboration.

Genealogical data form (in PDF format)